Fast Weight Loss With Hula Hoop Exercise

Hula Hoop Workout

Are you tired of the regular and strenuous gym workouts? If you ask, many of us would rather slump in the couch the whole day instead of hitting the gym; the routine has become stale and boring to them. But have you heard about the hula hoop workout? Yes that exciting game your kids like playing outside or in the backyard while you huff and puff in your home gym. Did you know it can be a great gym routine to tone you up and tighten your muscles with a hula hoop ab workout?

The truth is already out, the hula hoop workout benefits has been voted as an excellent exercise routine that can give you brilliant results within weeks of doing it. For some of us, we were lucky to play the hoop when we were young girls; we only need to remember how we used to work the waist and we are good to go.

If you didn’t do the hoops back in the day you have nothing to worry about; the hula hoop workout is a workable routine any Tom, Dick and Harry can fit into. The basic rule of the hula hooping workout is to learn how to do the hip rotation. It may be a bit tricky the first time but once you go through enough trials and errors everything falls into place. You can start with 10 minutes workouts which will later advance to 20 min and even end up to a 30 min mark. The hoop is quite easy and enjoyable and just about anyone can fit into it; it fits perfectly into your gym routine and won’t disrupt your work out plan in any way.

Besides being a relief to the strenuous and boring every day work outs, the weighted hula hoop workout has been credited to be an amazing muscle toner. Just 20 to 30 minutes of the work out is enough to tone your abdomen, thigh and butt. The exercise routine has also been proven to tighten your abdomen muscles if you keep at it longer. What other great way of gaining those abs other than this!

The hula hoop exercise is quickly replacing those long hours in the gym; the workout routine is perfect for the folks who are looking into toning their muscles and tighten their tummy. The whole practice is easy and anyone can stick to it without falling out. With this kind of exercise, you don’t need the next to impossible rollers to get a tight abdomen.

To make the hoop more interesting, you can incorporate your family into it and have some 30 minutes of fun together. Why not put your gruesome gym routine aside for a while and go out with the kids and do hula hoop exercise routines in the lovely sunlight. You will be amazed at how relaxing and refreshing it is without having to come out sweaty and stinky. There are two kinds of hula hoop you can go with; the weighted and the light hula hoop. They also vary in sizes so best choose the kind that fits your hula hoop workout.